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Serving English Wiki




This site was created for the use of the hospitality students of the Centre for Lifelong Learning.  Here you will find exercises, information and links to videos and resources regarding all aspects of restaurant service and food preparation as well as information on labour standards and market trends.  Choose a topic in the sidebar and start exploring!






Middlesex Country Health Unit Food Inspection Site




1. Visit the link above and find these two restaurants: The Honest Lawyer, and Sam and Bills.

2. Using a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions (we will take them up Friday morning).


                       How many non- critical infractions did each have?

                        What were they?


                       How many critical infractions did each have?

                        What were they?


                       Were any corrective measures taken?


                       Which do you think was the worst violation?


                       Which infraction would pose the least danger?








Nutrition Module



1. Food Label Guide - Read the interactive guide to Canadian Food Label Laws.



2. Take the Food Label Quiz



3. Canada's Food Guide - build your own personal guide!
































































Discussion Archive











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